So, the clip above made me extremely angry this morning. I’m going to rant about it here.  I might not ever buy another Microsoft gaming system because of this bullshit.

So the most obvious sexist thing in the above video is the rape “joke.”  I am usually the last feminist to get offended by rape jokes, but this video combined a bunch of gaming culture sexist bullshit into one nice package that just hit home at every sore point in my female behind.

First, Microsoft decided to have a woman play the male producer of Killer Instinct.  This by itself would be fantastic however they chose a woman who sucks at the game.  If they wanted someone who sucked, they could have just as easily chosen an male executive.

Second, the producer didn’t even give this noob chick a chance.   Outraged speculation time: If they had chosen a male exec to play this shit, would he have at least given him a chance?

Third, why didn’t anyone teach her how to play the game?  Probably because our uteri prohibits us from learning combos.

Fourth, the “joke.”  The ordeal turned into something that no one should have to witness.  It turned this short demo into a massive virtual gang rape of the this poor noob chick.  The crowd’s laughter mixed with the total annihilation onscreen left her confused and blaming herself.  Watching this clip made *me* want to shower away the dirtiness. I can only imagine what the woman on screen feels.

What really sucks about this is that I loved the original Killer Instinct and want to play this version.  Instead I just want to retaliate against sexist gaming stupidness more than ever.

EDIT: I was really angry when I wrote this. I’ve since calmed down.

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