I thought I had had enough of the open-world, stupid GTA like games that Rockstar keeps inflicting on the world, but I was wrong.  When I walked up to that first horse and saw the instructions I was to follow at the bottom right of the screen I squealed with delight.  It said “Ride Horse Y” and all I wanted to really do was ride that horsey.  So I did and it was fun.

I needed to get over my love of cute animals immediately, because the very first mission had me shooting sweet little bunnies.  This was made up for by the side missions of picking flowers, which I also loved.  What kind of hardened cowboy doesn’t need some purty flowers?  Eventually I got over the killing of cute virtual animals and skinned everything I shot.

I also loved wrangling up the horseys.  I like horseys.

The story was laughable, none of it made any sense.  The story should have ended many times before it actually did.


Spoiler Rant!

The ending of this game made me regret taking any time to do anything. I hated being turned into that little twerp of a son. My horse was gone. All my stats ceased to make any sense.

All the shit I did in the game was for nothing. If one thing hasn’t changed about Rockstar, its their general feeling that more is better. Just because there is a huge world to play in doesn’t mean they should make the story just string along forever. Some of us gamers like stories. Also, an achievement for each of the challenges would have been nice, you jerks.

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