Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

| September 11th, 2012

This game was fun.  It is a linear story third-person action game with a hint of romance.

I generally liked this game; it had a few bugs and the female character was a little weak for my taste but overall I enjoyed playing it.   I, for some reason, decided to play the game on the hardest difficulty.  I guess that reason is pride.  But this probably wasn’t smart.  Playing on hard made me find the bugs in the game much more annoying. I don’t think I would recommend playing it on hard, but I understand about the pride thing.

The story of the game was good.  The beginning wasn’t great.  Trip’s character came off as bitchy and weak and that really isn’t something I want to engage with.  But Monkey was awesome.  As the story progresses Trip’s character never really gets any better, but at least she is consistent. By the middle of the story it is obvious the writers are implying a budding romance between the main two characters.  The romantic element is what makes this game interesting and different.  I’m a very big fan of romance in my fantastical media, but this has yet to show it’s face enough in the video game arena.  The greatest reason to play this game is the romance.

That being said, the ending to this game was interesting and infuriating.  The ending has the whole “choose the red or blue pill” type of message which was fine, but what wasn’t fine was that Trip and Monkey never kiss! I’m not sure why the writers left this out of the story but it was really a big let down to anyone who wants a satisfying romantic story.

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